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UK Tech/Death Metallers RED METHOD announce new Bassist with an unveiling of 'SPLIT' Bass Video.

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Branching from the Southern depths of the UK, Progressive Death Metal Leviathan Red Method have been continuing their onslaught from a successful year in 2022, storming the UK’s festivals and venues, leaving a trail of chaos and snapped necks in their wake.

There is no arguement that due to their dedication and hard work to bring some of the best live performances to witness, Red Method have defined themselves independently throughout the last couple of years.

Since last Summer saw the departure of bassist Will, the duties of bass for all scheduled shows for the rest of the year were temporarily filled by Dishonour The Crown’s Lew Berl.

Today Red Method announce permanent bassist, Æther to join the ranks.

Æther takes his place in the band in time for the festival season to kick off for Red Method, starting with this weekend’s Takeover Festival!

To showcase that Æther absolutely fit’s amongst the growing line up, Red Method fans are today treated to a special Bass Playthrough video featuring Æther's skills along to one of their most prominent singles, Split, taken from 2020's debut album For The Sick.

Watch Æther’s Split (Bass Playthrough) here:

Videography: Dave Silver Make Up: Lily Omen

Æther tells us:

“I’ve personally been a fan of Red Method ever since supporting them in an old project ages ago. When I saw they were looking for a bass player, I jumped at the opportunity.

I loved the aggression and sense of showmanship that comes from their shows and I'm excited to be a part of it.”

Watch out for more news on the horizon for Red Method very, very soon....

Red Method will be playing at the below locations:

8th April - Takedown Festival

29th-30th April - Slaughterhouse Festival

27th May - Manorfest

8h July - M2TM, The Jericho Tavern, Oxford

15th July - Mangata Festival

9th September - Grovefest

5th October - Academy 3, Manchester

7th October - Moshville Oktoberfest


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