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Soul Grinder Interview with Sheri

German death metallers Soul Grinder emerge from the depths with their second full-length offering, Anthems From The Abyss, released in November 2022.

Formed in 2018, Soul Grinder are Bremen, Germany's answer to Death Metal. Considering the band have been around for four years now, Soul Grinder have delivered two full length albums, two EPs and a Compilation under their belt!

Upon the November release of their second full length album, Anthems of the Abyss, via MDD records, I sat down with Maté Balogh for a chat about the depths of Anthems and where the roots of it comes from... Check out below what we should expect coming...

Soul Grinder are:

Mathias Junge - Bass/Vocals

Maté Balogh - Drums

Jan Wollny - Guitars/Vocals


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