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Album Review: Rotten Sound - Apocalypse

Review By Chris Barton

I always get excited seeing an album with 15 plus songs that only lasts 20 minutes.

Memories of hearing Pig Destroyer’s Prowler in the yard or Nasum’s Inhale/Exhale for the first time come flooding back to me. Much like the scene in Ratatouille when the critic is transported back to a cottage in the french countryside, I am transported to the Jagermeister soaked carpet of an old friend's bedroom.

The stench of stale beer, overflowing ashtrays and body odour filling my nostrils.

Watching my friend put the clearly illegal CD into his cd player as he utters the words “Check this shit out” with a wry grin of a man who knows he’s about to blow me away. There is an expectation when you see a high track count and each song lasting less than 2 minutes. I’m anticipating a battalion of blast beats forging a sonic assault, razor sharp and filthy guitars with vocals delivered with such unbridled aggression that it feels the vocalist is screaming directly into my ears. Thankfully Rotten Sound's latest offering, the aptly named “Apocalypse” delivers all of this in spades.

It’s been a few years since Rotten Sound have released any new music and they wasted no time getting to the point with the opening track “Pacify” when you're given a blueprint for the whole album. No nonsense violence and each song delivered with purpose. No filler, no gristle and nothing being phoned in. That being said, Rotten Sound aren’t a one note band only able to play extreme speeds. Apocalypse balances the darkness with light and switches between furious speed and half time headbangs into almost upbeat groovy moments paying tribute to the death metal kings of yore. The masterful mixing skills of Jesse Gander blends deep full bass tones and raw buzzsaw guitars seemingly into one thick wall of noise where every punch hits you in the guts with a weight and devastation that is often lacking in modern productions. The filth laden tones are executed with detail and articulation demonstrating the high level of musicianship at play.

Rotten Sound are coming to Manchester on November 4th and listening to Apocalypse has made this a must see show for me.

Rotten Sound have given us an album that is essential listening to any fan of extreme music.

Mark my words, Apocalypse will become a Grindcore classic standing the test of time.

Watch 'Renewables' here:

Apocalypse will be released via Season Of Mist on 31st March 2023

pre-order on all formats (CD Digipak, Digital, Vinyl and Merch) HERE

Rotten Sound Are:

Mika Aalto - Guitars

Matti Raappana - Bass/ Backing Vocals

Sami Latva - Drums

Keijo Niinimaa - Lead Vocals

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