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Re-awakening for the last time, midlands Hardcore/Beatdown outfit This Is Hate are set to make the heaviest swansong known this year at Coalville Metal Invasion.

As we get hyped up to prepare for this weekend's COALVILLE METAL INVASION, we caught up with Unearthed Music's and vocalist of This Is Hate - Liam Barlow.

Hi Liam! Tell us a bit about how This Is Hate first started…

Me and the founding members Jason and Jay were drunk in the Hairy Dog (big up) and were talking about band stuff and how we could do it, so the conversation went on through the night…. Then in the morning we messaged each other and was like we doing this or what…. We did.

When you created This Is Hate, what was the vision you had for the band?

Play a gig, just one gig, i remember we wanted to just try and break the normal and add some beatdown into Derby’s scene, after that we just kept wanting to gig more and more. One of our first ever shows was with Martyr Defiled and we just learnt so much that day that we went home and just had such a big drive for it.

You’re described as a mash up between Hardcore and Beatdown, back when you formed and released your first EP, Karma,mash up’s between those two genre’s weren’t as established as they are today… take us through the idea of your style of music and how this fit with you as a band…

We wrote our music in a practise room together, the guitarists would throw some riffs on the table and we would go from there, as we wrote we tried to picture how the crowd would take it. Basically we wanted plenty of two steps and big mosh pits. Karma as an EP goes on a right journey and really breaks the boundaries of what we would call hardcore and beatdown, Full Control (which is one of my all time favorite songs by the band) isnt either, more of just a head banging track!

Tell us some of your best memories and achievements in This is Hate…

Our first show, we were meant to play with another heavy band who pulled out on the day so ended up playing with some indie act, anyway, the Old Vic (in Derby) was packed with people who came to see us, was such a good way to get off the ground. Other than that the multiple times we played with Martyr Defiled and Ingested, having Paul from Desolated comment how much he enjoyed our Death By MY Side cover, getting to the final of Nottingham Metal To The Masses on our first go (only to be beaten by Raised By Owls, gits), touring with Brothers till we Die from spain to packed out rooms, and the love we gained in yorkshire, everytime we played a show in Sheffield or Doncaster, loads of people turned up to see us, ill never forget that!

Coalville Metal Invasion 2023 will be your last show as This Is Hate. Will we see anymore of This Is Hate in future or are your paths going in different directions?

This is Hate will end as This is Hate on Saturday 8th July….. Thats all im saying…..

For people who havent seen This Is Hate before, what can we expect from you at Coalville Metal Invasion?

We’re putting our all into this special reunion show, we’ve been practicing for months and we can’t wait to see how the crowd take it, we really just want to see people enjoy it, and be able to send it off properly one last time!

Any tricks up your sleeve as the last show?

That would be telling, but did i mention a certain cover earlier in this interview…..

What have you learned so far that contributes to your goals and empire building over at Unearthed?

Unearthed wouldn't have been a thing without This is Hate, the lessons i learnt (bad ones too) the industry contacts i gained, the advice from other bands, the people i met, everything carved the way for Unearthed to form.

Anything you need to say to people old and new, who have been following This Is Hate for all these years?

Yeah, thanks for everything, and i really hope you enjoy the send off we’re doing, and to the guys who cant make the show, then don’t worry we’re filming it all…..

Finally… give some advice… and your best meme

Advice would be to buy a ticket to Coalville Metal Invasion, and i can show you my best meme when were there….

You can catch THIS IS HATE on the outside stage on Saturday 8th July for their final ever show.


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