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Here at Red Death Media, we are getting hyped and ready to prepare for COALVILLE METAL INVASION 2023!

Prepping for a weekend of press, good faces and some killer times, we will be featuring a band from the line up from some of our top picks here at Red Death Media HQ right up until the event.

A monumental 2 day affair run by our good friends over at Unearthed Music - 2 days, 2 stages, a great venue, camping and a tonne of some of the finest underground bands the UK has to offer. For a mere £22 - that's a weekend anyone would want to get their teeth into!

For our next Top Pick of Coalville Metal Invasion, Brady Moody has chosen Unearthed Music's man at the top, Liam Barlow's band - This Is Hate.

Re-awakening for the last time, midlands Hardcore/Beatdown outfit This Is Hate are set to make the heaviest swansong known this year at Coalville Metal Invasion. With a setlist in tow boasting some of the best of 2016's EP Karma and following releases from 2017, be sure to keep your head from blasting off your shoulders.

Filthy breakdowns, old school hardcore riffing and gutchurning gutturals will see the farewell gig for the band - do not miss this last chance to see the guys tear up the stage and deliver a face melting performance that wont be easy to forget!


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