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Interview: Jase Evans of Ingested

In September 2022, Legendary Death Metallers Cannibal Corpse announced their 2023 European show with Dark Funeral to take place in through the start of the Spring.

On the huge run of shows of the tour, American Melodic Black Metal outfot StormRuler were added to the line up along with UK's very own Death and Slam Leviathans, Ingested.

On the last show of the tour, in the depths of Nottingham's Rock City, our Liam Barlow sat down for a chat with the face melting pipes of Ingested - Jase Evans.

Liam: Nice one for taking the interview, I appreciate it.

So it's the last night of the tour... haha you seem thrilled!

Jase: Hahaha I'm ready!

Liam: What's it been like, what's been some of your best moments?

Jase: Ahhh well all the shows have been great, we're on tour with Cannibal Corpse, man! They're the daddies of Death Metal so you know like, it really couldn't get any better than that. Personal highlight for me was playing a sold out show in our home town in Manchester at Academy One, was like 2500 people and they were all going fucking beserk! And that was, that's probably one of the highlilghts of our career for me. Cuz that meant so much... to like see ALL MY PEOPLE BEHIND US. Just like a sea of Mancunians just all chanting 'Slamchester' and shit and we're just going fucking mental whilst we were playing. It was really overwhelming, how that felt. It just felt like that was the fucking moment... because it felt like all our hard work over the years - it feels like it's finally paying off and getting to a point where we can't be ignored anymore. You know what I mean? We're kicking these fucking doors down now. Solid. Hahaha.

Liam: That's awesome! I was saying to Sheri that the last time I saw you guys in Nottingham was at the Maze in 2018...

Jase: Ooooh shit, I remember that show!

Liam: Yeah, so you've done QUITE A LOT since. What's been the key to your progression since then, do you think?

Jase: Just our hard work ethic, you know, we're all working class lads, we all come from fuck all. Everything that we've got, we fought for and earned it. This is all we've ever wanted to do since we were all kids so it was like... that drive of coming from nothing, earning everything that we've got and appreciating it. So we appreciate everything we get because we've never had any hand outs, we've never had any leg ups or any help, no one's ever gifted us anything. Everything we#ve got, we've fucking fought tooth and claw for. Now we're hitting it and it's like getting to a point where we can't be denied anymore and that feels...amazing. We're working class Northerners who always feel like we've got a point to prove and we've always had our back against the wall and that's where that drive comes from.

Liam: I can see how fucking excited you are, it definitely comes across haha.

Jase: Hahahaha.

Liam: So you finish here after is it 7 weeks?

Jase: Yeah, 7 and a half weeks we've been touring for. The first show was on the 10th March and what we on now? We're on the 23rd of April hahaha. Like fucking hell hahaha.

Liam: Well fair play that you're still standing. You run off to the states in what 10 days?

Jase: Yep we're still here hahaha. Six days, we go home for six days and then we go straight back out into America for 5 weeks. We're doing our headline tour with DEVOURMENT & EXTERMINATION DISMEMBERMENT and Organechtomy. It's shaping up to be our most successful U.S headliner to date. Which is AMAZING. Can't wait for that, that's 5 weeks. Then we come home from that then go straight to Download on Friday Dog 2 stage. This is our first time playing Download which I think is criminal. Hahaha. We should have been playing this a long time ago but better late than never. What we're gonna do is put on such a brutal fucking show that Download are never gonna forget it hahaha.

Liam: Well we keep going back to it, they can't fucking deny you anymore.

Jase: Exactly! That's what it's about.

Liam: How do you keep sane through all these long runs?

Jase: We dont. Hahaha. There has to be something wrong with you to do this, you know what I mean? There's gotta be some kind of screw loose in the head to do this shit all the time. Like getting up on stage for seven weeks screaming your fucking head off hahahah we're not sane people, we're so obsessed with this, like... this is all we know. This is all we're good for. Apart from that, it's just staying in contact with your family, you know... ringing the kids and the wife everyday, just making sure you're there for eachother, like you know because people have good days and they have bad days, we're all human beings do you know what I mean? So you just gotta make sure you surround yourself with good people and that's about it really!

Liam: So you've just done seven weeks, you've got another five. What would be your advise to an upcoming band that had to do that for the first time?

Jase: Pace yourself. Don't be getting shitfaced everynight. That's what we used to do. We used to get fucking shit faced every night and it's like... you can't tour at this level and do shit like that so just pace yourself, try and look after yourself and try and keep your mind occupied. Keep your body healthy if you can, drink plenty of fucking water - if you dont look after yourself, you're gonna fall apart physicall and mentally because it's great but it's fucking hard. You're away from your family, you're away from your friends. There's a lot of doing nothing as well because if you think about it, there's a lot of travel time as well. You're sitting on a bus or van when travelling not doing anything. Then you get to the venue, you load in, then you get to the venue and you're doing nothing. You sound check then you're doing nothing. Then the show opens and you're doing nothing again until you play and then you load out and you get back on the van or the bus and then you're doing nothing again... so there's a lot of downtime so you have to try and keep yourself occupied. Pace yourself and enjoy it as well...

Liam: You've already beaten me to the question on how excited you are about Download... hahaha.

Jase: I am excited, we're all fucking excited. Cuz like I said, I think it's criminal that we've never played before. We're 17 years into our carrer, we've toured the fucking world, we've released sick album after sick album and done some sick tours... and we've flown the flag for British extreme metal more than any other band in the past 15 years, I think. And we've never played Download before, what's that about!? Hahaha.

Liam: Plus Download is like 90 mins down the road from Manchester...

Jase: Yeah! Like what the fuck is that. Hahaha. So it's like... for me, I'm excited to play but I'm also excited to show them what the fuck they've been missing. It's gonna be fucking carnage. And I can't wait for it.

Liam: Sweet. So my last question. After you've toured what seems the world... what next for Ingested?

Jase: Oooooh we have got LOADS of exciting stuff coming up. I can't say what it is yet but what I will say is that we are one of, if not, the hardest working bands in the world. We are always touring, writing and recording so make that what you will... hahaha.

Ingested will be playing the below upcoming dates:


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