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Interview: Lankester Merrin

LANKESTER MERRIN; signed via MDD Records, hailing from Germany have bestowed their new full length album "Dark Mother Rises" (released March 24th, 2023).

"Dark Mother Rises" offers 9 powerful, mature melodic metal hymns, which are performed with a self-conception that even long-established scene greats are sometimes unable to crown their musical work with. The album impresses not only with its razor-sharp riffing, great solos, driving drumming and the incisive voice of Cat Rogers, but also with its unbelievably sophisticated arrangements, which turn almost every song into a catchy one!

Recorded in spring 2022 at the Institut für Wohlklangforschung in Hannover (a.o. Drone, Grailknights) under the direction of Hannes Huke and Willi Dammeier, "Dark Mother Rises", do not expect symphonic metal, but simply powerful modern metal of the highest order.

Sheri sat down with Lankester Merrin to talk about the creation of the new album and what 2023 has in store!


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