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Interview: Sheri speaks to songwriter and composer Max Enix on new upcoming album Far From Home

Today I spoke to songwriter and composer Max Enix on his upcoming double concept album Far From Home that will be released on 9th June via Italian record label WormHoleDeath.

This double album recorded with the Budapest symphony orchestra will offer a unique sound and atmosphere. Many famous guests on it like Fabio Lione, Tom Englund, Marcela Bovio, Michael Romeo, Niklas Kvarforth , Mahdi Khemakhem, Andy Kuntz, Devon Graves, Dan Swano, Damian Wilson, Heather Findlay and many others ! "Far From Home" is for fans of Devin Townsend, Opeth, Pain of Salvation, Dream Theater, Hans Zimmer... But with a Universe on its own!

Watch the interview below:

Watch Beyond My Blood here:

*Far From Home (2023) curated and produced by Max Enix

Line up and Team for the Double Album "Far From Home" , Studio :

Max Enix: Music, Vocals, Artistic director, Lyrics/story.

Thomas Kubler: Additional arrangements, Orchestrator

Hugo Williame: Additional programming (drums)

François Rousselot : Conductor

Victor Monteriggioni: Copyist

Leo Margarit: Drums

Vikram Shankar: Piano/Keyboards

Jean-Jacques Moréac: Bass

Xavier Boscher: Guitars

Elise Wachbar: Vocals

Important to know that Vikram Shankar has written additional piano parts to some songs and of course all the fantastic musicians has written their own parts (Bass, Guitars, drums, piano by following the music I have written, the orchestrations and some rythmic indications I have given to them or not with their own way of playing !

David Castillo: Mix

Tony Lindgren: Mastering

Marc Krauth: Some vocals sound recording

Vocal and Instrumental Guests:

*Andy Kuntz (Vanden Plas/Abydos/Last paradise Lost...) = Vocals

*Tom Englund (Evergrey, Silent Skies, Redemption...) = Vocals

*Devon Graves (Psychotic Waltz , Dead Soul Tribe , The shadow theory ...) = Vocals (+Flute and others maybe)

*Fabio Lione (Rhapsody, Angra, Turilli/Rhapsody, Vision Divine...) = Vocals

*David Readman (Adagio, Pink Cream 69, Solo Stuff...) = Vocals

*Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion, Dark horse White horse, Ayreon, Mayan...)

*Farhad (Zink) Hossain (Shumaun...) = Vocals

*Mahdi MK Khemakhem (Carthagods...) = Vocals

*Laurent Lunoir (Öxxö Xööx, Rïcïnn...) = Vocals

*David Fremberg (Andromeda, Reggae Kiss...) = Vocals

*Michael Herrington (Onetwenty...) = Vocals

*Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land...) = Vocals

*Damian Wilson (Solo Stuff, Threshold, Arena...) = Vocals

*Toby Driver (Solo, Maudlin of the well, Kayo Dot, Alora Crucible...) = Vocals

*Jon Pyres (Threads of Fate, Solo...) = Vocals

*Carsten Lizard-Schulz (Devoid, Lazarus Dream, Solo stuff) = Vocals

*Angèle Macabiès (Solo Stuff, Cover...) = Vocals

*Johanna Red (Solo Stuff, Cover...) = Vocals

*Mody Ptd (Kriteria, Save'n retry...) = Vocals

*Heather Findlay (Mostly Autumn, Odin Dragonfly, Solo Stuff...) = Vocals

*Niklas Kvarforth (Shining, Solo Stuff...) = Vocals

*Dan Swano (Nightingale, Edge of Sanity, Solo Stuff, Katatonia, Star One...) = Vocals

*Benjamin Guerry (The Great Old Ones...) = Vocals/Guitars

*Stéphan Forté (Adagio, Solo Stuff...) = Guitars

*Derek Sherinian (Solo stuff, Dream Theater, Planet X, Sons of Apollo, Black country communion...) = Piano

*Mattias Ekhlund (Freak Kitchen, Solo...) = Guitars

*Michael Romeo (Symphony X, Solo...) = Guitars

*Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry , Meshuggah ...) = Guitars

*Shad Mae/Saout Mael (Devoid, Shadyon, Digiments...) = Guitars

*Timo Somers (Carthagods, Delain, Harrow Haze, Star One...) = Guitars

*Laurene TelennAria (Orkhys...) = Vocals + Harp

*Luciana Lys (Constellia, Nightwish Tribute, Solo Stuff...) = Vocals

*Sébastien Dubail (Constellia, Bagfed...) = Guitars

*Valou Besson Nix, Agathe Mouchy Capone, Michael and Valentin = Strange vocal sounds/effects

Video clip directors:

Mathieu Buchholzer/Blue mount films

Lucas Bastian (3D video Clip with Unreal...)

Bloudengaztia Wolfgang/Dronicon Films (Anime)

DMPX Web (Videos illustrations of all the songs)


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