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Live Review: Waterlines, The Human Veil, The Cartographer - Billy Bootleggers

Review by Brady Moody

Waterlines Make Waves in Nottingham: A glimpse in to the future.

Billy Bootleggers Bar in Nottingham was packed, on a Thursday night, in anticipation

Waterlines, the rising stars of the metalcore scene, headlined a triple threat bill. Kicking things off were The Human Veil and The Cartographer, each bringing their own distinctive talents to the stage. I’m no stranger to any of these bands - which makes it even harder for them to impress. Could they offer me something fresh or was it just reliving past experiences with them over again?

The Cartographer

The night unfolded with The Cartographer, a band weaving intricate tapestries of technicality

and deathcore. They really laid the groundwork for the evening, heads were banging, the crowd vibing, faces were stanking. The one song that really encapsulated the entire set was Red Tape, from their 2023 EP The Cold Black. This was a perfect example of how opening a show provides you a fresh audience to command. The Cartographer's musicianship commanded respect.

The Human Veil

The anticipation shifted gears as The Human Veil took the stage. Their return was eagerly

awaited, and they didn't disappoint. They asked for our attention and they certainly got it. The Human Veil unleashed a masterclass in modern metal. Weaving in fresh material, likely from their upcoming album, alongside fan favorites from past EPs, they displayed a tight-knit performance.

Their set elevated by my own hell and crawl, their new singles, living up to their names with a

brutal intensity that sent a jolt through the crowd. As I stood, trying to find the words to describe what I was experiencing, I struggled. The infectious energy and aggression of not just the music but the performance was a marvel. Then it hit me…two words that perfectly captured this experience. Controlled chaos.


Finally, the night was crowned by Waterlines, the headliners themselves. The walking definition of charisma, Ben Mars leading them. Waterlines showcased their unique blend of metalcore, nu-metal, and even electronic dance music influences. The crowd, myself included, had been hypnotised. Moving like puppets. Waterlines were our Pied Piper and us, the children. Waterlines delivered a polished and passionate performance. Their set was a testament to their reputation as a band on the rise. Do not, under any circumstances, sleep on this band. There is no stage they cannot conquer. No metalhead they won’t have dancing to their tune.


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