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Single Review: 'Matriarch' by Archives

Review by Brady Moody

Archives Unleash Ferocious Power in "Matriarch" - A Triumph for Northern Ireland's Metalcore Scene.

Archives, the formidable metalcore band hailing from Northern Ireland, have unleashed their latest single, "Matriarch" upon the world.

Known for their explosive sound and relentless energy, Archives have carved out a well-deserved place at the top of the underground metalcore scene.

With their latest offering, Matriarch, the band solidifies their position with an uncompromising display of power and intensity.

Notably, the track has earned recognition, securing the impressive position of number 15 on the Kerrang! new music chart.

Matriarch roars to life with a thunderous onslaught of aggressive guitar riffs and pummeling drums. The track wastes no time in immersing the listener in Archives' auditory assault. The bands signature blend of melodic hooks and blistering heaviness immediately captivates, promising a relentless and intense listening experience.

From the outset, Archives showcase their impressive musicianship, effortlessly delivering complex riffs with razor-sharp precision.

The guitar work is nothing short of electrifying, with crushing chugs and memorable melodic lines intertwining seamlessly. The rhythm section serves as the backbone, providing

a relentless driving force that propels the song forward with unwavering momentum.

The commanding vocal performances take center stage on Matriarch with a ferocious delivery that ranges from guttural growls to soaring cleans, the vocals perfectly complement the raw power of the instrumentation.

This emotional depth adds an extra layer of authenticity to the band's already explosive


Matriarch exudes an unrelenting energy, with its infectious hooks and explosive choruses demanding attention. The track is a perfect balance of aggression and melody, showcasing Archives' ability to craft songs that are simultaneously punishing and catchy.

The powerful, anthemic nature of the track is certain to ignite mosh pits and incite crowd sing-alongs in live settings.

Archives' attention to production detail shines through in Matriarch. The mix is balanced flawlessly, allowing every instrument to cut through the sonic assault without sacrificing the overall heaviness. The production captures the raw intensity of the band's live performance, ensuring that the power of Matriarch is felt in full force.

'The recognition received by Matriarch is well-deserved. Securing a spot on Kerrang!'s new music chart highlights Archives growing prominence within the metalcore scene. The bands ability to create a track that stands out amidst a sea of heavy music is a testament to their talent and songwriting prowess.

Archives have cemented their status as one of Northern Ireland's most formidable metalcore bands. The track's unrelenting power, impressive musicianship, and emotive lyrics showcase the band's dedication to their craft.

The recognition from Kerrang! shows how they’ve earned their position as rising stars within

the genre.

Archives have delivered a track that will undoubtedly resonate with fans of metalcore and captivate new listeners alike. The band's relentless energy and ability to create memorable hooks ensure that Matriarch will leave a lasting impression.

Archives have proven once again that they are a force to be reckoned with, and their future within the metalcore scene looks incredibly promising.

Watch 'Matriarch' here:


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