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Single Review: Perpetually Entombed - Elyrean

Review by Sheri Bicheno

West Midlands Thrashers Elyrean are back with another offering to keep us going after a year since their last well received single The Omniscent One landed last January!

Now with a re-shuffle of their line up, the band unveil Perpetually Entombed.

The track starts unravelling chuggy intro riffs and folds out into a frenzy of some thunderous drums. Their production is on point, crisp and sounding sharp.

I note elements of melodic death metal infused in the Elyrean signature thrash vibe - which, inevitably gives the track more depth of mood and atompshere amongst the carnage of the blastbeating kit.

In addition, the solos are stunning and offer more texture to the track for the listener to explore and absorb.

There is a variety of speeds to get your teeth into with Perpetually Entombed, serving face melting riffage and fantastic lead strings entwined together to create some groove and atompsheric layers lacing through the track with vocals that give a slight blackened thrash edge.

Pre-release Perpetually Entombed was featured on the Moshin' The Roof On - Vol 4 UK Thrashers Complication CD and deservedly so. If you love some good thrash and chaotic vocals, with an edge of melodic death flirting with you, Elyrean are your lads.

Photo by TIm Finch Photography

Catch Elyrean at these shows:

26th April - The Asylum, Birmingham *supporting Warbringer, Hellripper & TailGunner

25th May - KK's Steel Mill, Wolverhampton *supporting Nervosa and Born Zero

24th June - Ye Olde Foundry, Dudley

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