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Single Review: War Grave - Discovering My Truth

Review by Claire Williams

WAR GRAVE are a 5 Piece London Based Heavy Metal band keeping the classic metal of the 80’s 90’s alive. They describe their sound as a “Modern Wave of British Heavy Metal” with a hint of Thrash,and Punk thrown into the mix, taking inspiration from influential classic artists such as; Whitesnake, Anthrax, Metallica, Exodus and Iron Maiden.

They have really started to build a name for themselves on the Metal Scene since signing with Unearthed Music Management and releasing their debut single ‘System’ earlier this year as well as Headlining their own mini festival at the Fighting Cocks with a sell out on all pre-sales tickets.

Their new release ‘Discover My Truth’ was released on all streaming platforms on April 10th. This track really does honour the influences they are pulling their inspiration from. Roman Kantoch shows real skill and some killer pipes on lead vocals, complimented by Stuart Layne on Guitar and backing vocals. The harmonies were flawless and I was rather impressed by both lead and backing vocals. I think Roman has a really distinctive voice and is able to bring his own style to the track that fits the genre well. He shows control and skill in his smooth wailing notes that would make Dio proud. The official video was released on Friday April 7th where we see fantastic live footage of the band. You can see the audience really enjoy themselves and they bring an awesome energy and chemistry to the stage. I would love to see them live to get a real feel for it. The track itself, I think, is impressive, lyrically creative and well produced. We see some skilled solos from lead guitar which fit seamlessly with rhythm, Drums, Bass and Vocals. Though I would like to hear a little more from Frederico on Bass, this is just my personal opinion and does not diminish the quality of music WAR GRAVE brings to us.

They are able to bring poetic verses and a memorable chorus with lyrics that have meaning and feeling. At times I feel they could have shaped the lyrics to fit the melody a little more. However both the melody and the lyrics are written well and I could see where they were going with it. It’s great to see that there are bands out there keeping the vibe of the 80’s and 90’s Metal alive today. This genre to me will never go out of style and will always bring a large and loyal following.

All in all this is a great track and I am loving the direction they are heading in. Their First single ‘System’ is already on my Spotify playlist, and I shall be adding ‘Discovering My Truth’ as soon as it drops.

I look forward to seeing what WAR GRAVE brings to the Unearthed community in the future.

Go check them out.

Watch 'Discovering My Truth' Here:

If you would like to see them live they will be playing the following events:

THURS, 27 APR AT 21:00 Infantry, Secreum & War Grave Cart & Horses London Event by Infantry

FRI, 28 APR AT 19:00 INFANTRY, GUTLOCKER, SECREUM, & WAR GRAVE @ THE GRYPHON The Gryphon Bristol Event by The Gryphon

SAT, 29 APR AT 19:00 INFANTRY w/ SECREUM + WAR GRAVE + ALWAYS EXPIRE - The Rossi Bar, Brighton 8 Queens Road,Brighton,BN1 3WA,GB Brighton

SAT, 24 JUN-25 JUN Camden Rocks All-Dayer w/ WAR GRAVE & more at Fiddler's Elbow Fiddler's Elbow - Camden London Event by Camden Rocks Festival

War Grave are:

Lead Vocals - Roman Kantoch Guitars - Trent Powell Guitars/Backing Vocals - Stuart Layne Drums - Steve Brill Bass - Federico Pedrollo

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