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Swedish Melodic Rock outfit The Way Of Purity release new album 'The Order of the Deep Roots'

Today, Swedish Melodic Rock outfit The Way of Purity unveil their anticipated new album The Order Of The Deep Roots via Italian record label Worm Hole Death.

“The Order Of The Deep Roots” contains 9 new tracks and establishes the birth of their magic cult with its release. The aim of the record is solely for propaganda to find members of the cult that have to be Vegan and have an inclination for magic arts and rituals in order to use superior celestial and Qliphotic forces in favor of animals. The approach is therefore even more extreme as the combo has no interest in the market, trends, success, or whatever bands look for. The only aim is to grow the cult with perfect members and help animals to get rid of humanity. The album features awesome contributions from Ambient/Jazz king Shadowdream and eclectic downtempo Genius Phils Stiles.

Buy Order of the Deep Roots CD here Buy Order of the Deep Roots Digital here


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