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Welsh Metalcore outfit BLEED THE FIFTH release new single and visualizer video 'Dead Mans Fingers.'

Cardiff's answer to Metalcore, Bleed The Fifth follow up their 2022 EP World Eater with a brand new offering. New single DEAD MANS FINGERS is out today!

Bringing forward DEAD MANS FINGERS, this track sets another high example of how deep Bleed The Fifth's exploration reaches into the Melodic vibes of Metalcore. The production of the song is clean cut and crisp and showcases the both brutal blastbeating of the drumming and the riff exploding twists lacing through the track.

Vocalist Jordan and Drummer Tom tells us:

"We were ready to record our 5th track which is a bit more up beat - when compared to the darker tones of our other tracks. Jordan, our vocalist, had gone through around four or five different versions of lyrics, that he just felt didn't quite get the vibe of the song. He'd gone to our guitarist Lewis' house and noticed a bottle of rum - more specifically; Dead Man's Fingers rum and had an idea surrounding the bottle. So the lyrics became more of an end of the world, rum in hand, with your friends sticking your middle fingers up to the government type vibe - which we thought fit this song a lot better."

Watch brand new visualizer music video Dead Mans Fingers below:

Streaming is now available on all platforms!



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