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Album Review: AD INFINITUM - Chapter lll - Downfall

Review by Claire Williams

Following My last review with Kamelot, featuring the incredible vocals of Melissa Bonny, I was extremely excited to get into AD INFINITUM’s new album ‘Chapter lll- Downfall’.

I can honestly say I was not disappointed.

I first found AD INFINITUM when their single See You in Hell’ from their first album ‘Chapter l- Monarchy' appeared on my discover weekly playlist.

I instantly added it to my favourites and have loved them ever since.

AD INFINITUM are a Swiss/ German Symphonic metal band that started out as a Trance Metal solo project of the Swiss singer Melissa Bonny called Rage of Light.

In 2018 she was joined by Drummer Niklas Müller, Bassist Jonas Asplind and guitarist Adrian Theßenvitz and they became AD INFINITUM.

In 2019 they signed with Napalm Records and released their first Album ‘Chapter l- The Monarchy’ with Chapter l- Revisited following in 2020 and Chapter ll- The Legacy was released in 2021.

In 2020 Jonas sadly announced he was leaving due to health reasons and was shortly after replaced with Korbinian Benedict.

Considering their short time in the Symphonic scene they have certainly made waves and built a solid and substantial international fan base.

You say the name Melissa Bonny to anyone in the scene and you can be sure they will know who she is.

Their 3rd studio album ‘Chapter lll- Downfall’ which will be released tomorrow, 31st March 2023, features 12 stunning tracks that are both dark and bewitching.

They explore concepts of Ancient Egyption history and Mythology which I believe takes this to another level of symphonic metal, as not only are they delivering refined and technically constructed tracks, they are able to tell a story with creative melodies and lyrics.

Featuring the atmospheric Voice of Chrigel Glanzmann of Eluveitie (Also featured on the Infinitas track ‘Tiamat’ in 2019) providing a gripping monologue on the final track of the album Legends’.

His voice is the perfect addition in my opinion.

‘Eternal Rains’ is the first track on the album.

Starting out strong with a slow haunting entrance that crashes into the first verse bringing an energetic intro that really sets the tone to the rest of the album.

Melissa gives a powerful and refined vocals and the lyrics draw you in right away.

High energy throughout.

Upside Down really showcases Melissa's skill as she switches seamlessly from her Mezzo-Soprano vocal to a deep guttural tone.

This song is a real crowd pleaser with a chorus you can’t help but sing along to and I can't wait to see how this translates into a live show.

“Upside down You fool yourself and you hide in disguise I see you now”

Next up is ‘Seth’, and boy do we change the feel here.

A really dark heavy intro Showing off the skilled guitar riffs from Adrian Theßenvitz.

I can see the pits form already with this one.

I was blown away by the glass shattering vocal near the end from Melissa. What a queen.

Lyrically and Instrumentally, a great all round track.

‘From The Ashes’ tells a story of strength in the hard times.

This seems to be a resonating theme throughout this album, and I think it will speak to many on different levels.

“I was born in flames and I learnt how to walk in the fire Turned my pain into the source of a brighter light

I can see the words of this song helping so many out there going through a hard time music really is magical and empowering song.

What really stands out musically is the rhythmic skills from Nikolas on drums and how well they blend with Adrian’s Guitar and Korbinian’s bass showing both synchronicity and skill.

Technically everything fits perfectly from the orchestral backing, captivating vocals and masterful Musicians.

Next up is ‘Somewhere better’ The guitar at the start is giving me full on 80's vibes however when the vocals come in the tone changes completely.

Once again an inspirational track of self improvement and better days.

The Underworld begins with a short eerie intro then switches to Melissa showing off those demonic growls alongside her Angelic vocals.

Again a very high energy song that leads beautifully into the next track ‘Ravenous’.

Right away I'm taken in by the Rhythm, the rolling beat that carries throughout the track.

It makes you want to move and feel the music. Great track.

We slow it down a bit with the next track. ‘Under The Burning Skies’ brings together Orchestral melodies and powerful symphonics. Melissa's voice compliments it beautifully here.

I like to describe it as a ‘climber song’, Starts off slow and delicate, soft vocals and soft melody, building up the energy to a dramatic crescendo and finishing off with a soft outro.

Beautifully done.

“Hold your cries Fearless is my heart Bring me back Where the rays of sun And the rivers bright Carry hopes and dreams To the light”

‘Architect of Paradise’ we get more of Melissa’s vocal versatility, she could jump easily into a black metal band and hold her own.

True skill, and I have to say I am rather envious of anyone who possesses said skill.

Kudos Melissa!

‘The Serpent’s Downfall’ brings forward the bassist as you get some rich tones popping out from Korbinian Benedict.

They really brought him forward for this track and I love the sound.

This song seems to tell a story of evil defeated and that ties neatly to the next track ‘New Dawn’ giving a more acoustic intro that compliments the vocals, Bass and Drums really well.

It's bright, Uplifting and rejuvenating.

Like the darkness has passed and evil has left the building.

Adrian delivers a riveting Solo just shy of 3 minutes in and then ends the song showing off his acoustic skills.


Last and by no means least, ‘Legends’ is our final track of the album.

Chrigel Glanzmann’s (Eluveitie) deep soothing voice reads the opening monologue, setting the scene for a really epic final track.

Vocally Melissa is up there with the greats, such as Simone Simmons (Epica) and Sharon Den Adel.(Within Temptation)

Having Said that, Melissa really does hold her own and stands out with the talent and versatility she is able to demonstrate, not only with her own band, but with the bands she has collaborated with such as, Kamelot, Feuerschwanz, Warkings and Skeletoon.

I am excited to see what AD INFINITUM brings to the table next and also what collaborations Melissa has planned for the future.

I see great things ahead.

I love everything about this album so far, I have had it on repeat all day, I don’t think I’ll get tired of it any time soon, it's one to play over and over again.

Go check it out,I promise you’ll love it too.

Photos by Nat Enemede

Produced by AD INFINITUM and Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios

Watch From The Ashes here:


Melissa Bonny - Vocals

Adrian Thessenvitz - Guitar

Korbinian Benedict - Bass

Niklas Müller - Drums


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