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Album Review: Lord of Shadows - Echoes of Yore

Review by Rick Eaglestone

Boasting members from My Dying Bride, Draconian & Sojourner – Doom Collective Lord of Shadows look to cause wave upon wave of misery for debut album Echoes Of Yore.

Opening track Her Lips With Poetry And Doom Begins with a gentle piano and a mostly narrative style from Aaron Stainthrorpe before the My Dying Bride vocalist debuts with Ex Draconian frontwoman Heike Langhans for easily the albums highlight Faith of Thy Beloved

The harsher vocal that Sojourner’s Emilo Crespo provide a rich and raspy dynamic to blend in with the melancholy of the sweeping waves of grief on At The End of Our Eclipse with the combination of Heike Langhans harmonies are just immersive.

Rain sweeping heartbreak sweeps through the entirety of She Was But an Echo of Yore where the trio of vocalists come together to really highlight the musicianship and really encapsulates the raw emotions that a rife throughout and lyrically this is the most storytelling.

Longest track of the album is the nine minute Through Memories, I Give Her Life which again is another example of the captivating songwriting and delivery which is executed to perfection, spilling into the ethereal If the Tears Are Forgotten.

Finally ending with largely instrumental, narrative Your Body Weighs Heavy and as the album began with an introduction of sorts this provides a wonderfully emotive conclusion.

Watch At The End Of Our Eclipse here:


Shadows - Lyrics and concept

Mike Lamb - All Music

Aaron Stainthorpe – Vocals (all tracks except 3)

Heike Langhans – Vocals (tracks 2 – 6)

Emilio Crespo – Vocals (track 3)




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