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Album Review: Pro Xristou, Rotting Christ

Review by Brady Moody for Red Death Media

Rotting Christ - Pro Xristou: A Pagan Triumph

Greek black metal veterans Rotting Christ return with their 14th studio album, Pro Xristou, a

defiant exploration of pre-Christian Hellenic traditions. Steeped in the might of ancient wisdom, the album is a tribute to those who resisted the rise of Christianity.

Pro Xristou refuses to ease you in, Rotting Christ haven't abandoned their signature sound – the soaring melodies and epic atmosphere are unmistakably theirs. Sakis Tolis' signature rasp carrying the listener into a bygone era.

Tracks like The Apostate and Pix Lax Dax showcase their ability to weave intricate tapestries of sound, blending aggression with melancholic beauty.

Pro Xristou isn't a mere nostalgia trip, though. Rotting Christ have not only continued their

signature sound but also the essence of the band’s existence. While some black metal purists might find this a touch too melodic, Rotting Christ have never been afraid to push boundaries.

This album is a powerful testament to their enduring legacy. Pro Xristou is a must-listen for fans of black metal and extreme music in general.

However, this album isn't without its minor stumbles.

Longtime fans might find the album a tad predictable, adhering closely to the formula established on Aealo.

Some of the slower tracks, while creating a sense of atmosphere, don't quite reach the same level of intensity as the album's more aggressive moments.

Despite these minor quibbles, Pro Xristou remains a triumphant release for Rotting Christ. It's a potent reminder of why they're considered pioneers of the melodic black metal scene.

The album is packed with memorable riffs, epic melodies, and a powerful evocation of ancient mythologies. Whether you're a longtime devotee or a curious newcomer, Pro Xristou offers a compelling journey into the heart of a dark and majestic world.

Watch The Apostate by Rotting Christ here:

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