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EP Review: Cause and Effect - Must Kill

Review by Rick Eaglestone

Must Kill are once again acknowledging the past whilst simultaneously laying waste to the present with their new EP Cause and Effect which once again features the striking artwork vision of Dan Goldsworthy.

The EP’s opener My Scourge Sentence certainly has all the elements for pure 80’s nostalgia with prominent basslines and shout along chorus but what Must Kill do so well is intertwine modern elements into the mix and already feels the musicianship has been elevated from the bands debut Ghost Malevolent – it’s the longest track of the release and certainly the most ambitious.

Following this is Bete Noire. which has some glorious tones and super sharp delivery but the gem of the EP comes in the form of third track No More which evokes the same reaction especially as it has really well balanced elements, a great tempo and wonderfuly rich solos.

Finally, the EP concludes with title track Cause & Effect which I felt was a great closer and encapsulates the aesthetic perfectly and the maniacal laughs that slither in add another dynamic for a band that are quite clearly on a dominant trajectory.

Watch Cause and Effect here:


Dan Pool - Vocals/Guitar Daryl Cooper - Lead Guitar Alex Reeder - Bass James Bell - Drums

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