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EP Review: Sylvaine – Eg Er Framand

Review by Rick Eaglestone

Wandering through fields with haunting presence Sylvaine return with new EP Eg Er Framand.

Ethereal yet gentle opener Dagsens Auga Sloknar Ut is laden with folk soundscapes that create a mystical and atmospheric aesthetic with wonderful musical structure of which Arvestykker feels very much an extension of as both complement each other effortlessly with their deep-rooted folk influences.

The undeniable sense of transcendence continues to weave into Eg Veit I Himmelrik Ei Borg but there is a sense of foreboding and darkness both musically and vocally which I fully admit immediately captivated me which then should be no surprise that it is the highlight of the release for me, the percussion is leaving goosebumps throughout.

As the EP moves to the organ rich Livets Dans the extra time for this track in particular really uplifts the creative element of the artists further exploration of her roots, the longest track is the followed by the shortest Tussmørke which although has wonderful melodies would have worked really well as an instrumental piece with its hypnotic nature.

The EP concludes with title track Eg Er Framand which is very much in keeping with the rest of the release fairytale like in presentation and once last time transporting listeners to otherworldly realm and leaving them with a touch of enchantment long after the sounds have floated away.

An intricate tapestry of emotion.


Kathrine Shepard

Sylvaine – vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizers, piano, drums, arrangements

Live line-up

Sylvaine – vocals & guitar

Dorian Mansiaux – drums

Maxime Mouquet – bass & vocals

Florian Ehrenberg – guitar & vocals

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