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EP Review: Worship The Sacrifice - Laid at the Altar

Review by Rhys Jackson

Demo-lition at the Altar.

Worship the Sacrifice are a UK based self-described Schizophrenic Death Metal 5-piece outfit.

Their newest five-track offering ‘Laid At the Altar EP/Demo’ demonstrates a versatility not often found in the scene.

This demo is a showcase of diverse vocal tonality, mesmerizing riffs, and pulsating rhythm. Having not previously listened to the band, this is quite the invitation.

The offering chimes in with ‘Voices’; the intro riff is now living rent free in my head and is very much “inside my brain”. A persistent driving conversation with oneself that has sunk its roots deep into my psyche.

This is followed up by ‘The Last Straw’, a groove laden track with a cacophony of drive ridden beats.

The diversity comes to light here with an ambient deranged segment that holds the listeners attention.

Onto my favourite track of the collection, ‘The Sacrifice’.

With resonant highs and hanging melodies, this track exhibits an ability to engage with a more emotive musical landscape whilst retaining a deathly spine and gritty tone.

This spine is then ripped out and presented to the world with the fourth instalment ‘Bloodletting’.

Straight from the catacombs, this track comes in with a dredge of low tone profanity.

Quickly transforming itself, we witness its revival as an up-tempo hard hitting bonebreaker.

Finishing off with ‘Wake up the world’, reminiscent of 2000’s metalcore, this end track provides the listener with a grave goodbye accompanied by what can only be described as a singing guitar solo that shines a light on all that has come before it.

All together a brilliant and welcome introduction to ‘Worship the Sacrifice’.

With many UK shows and appearances on the schedule, I can only recommend that you make the time to see this unearthed gem, I know I will be.

Watch 'The Sacrifice' here:

Worship the Sacrifice are:

Ben Black - Bass

Jonathan Hanen - Drums

Steve Sharp - Lead Guitar

Dan Evans - Rhythm Guitar

Lazerus - Vocals

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