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Live Review: OGUN, DAM.G, The Revenants, Inhuman Remains - Alchemy, Runcorn

Review by Claire Williams

Saturday night brought metal back to Runcorn. Are rare occurrence indeed and much needed. Being a Runcorn lass myself, I know this is the unicorn scene and we often have to travel far and wide to find a good gig. It is a real shame that we have this amazing venue and it isn't utilised enough.

So to have 4 amazing bands play on my doorstep was something not to be missed.

In order of appearance we have Inhuman Remains, a Cheshire based band playing a chaotic Modern Punk/Rock. A self proclaimed “band of misfits who shouldn't fit together but really do”. With Tink on bass and vocals, Aaron on guitar and Dickie on drums, I really felt like I was back in the 80’s sticking it to the man with their unique punk vibe.

I can hear the influences of Johnny Rotten, Iggy Pop and Sid Vicious. Tinks vocals demonstrate a strong Punk energy. I’m always honestly impressed with anyone who can sing and play bass at the same time. What a fantastic opening. Truly keeping Punk alive!

Next up The Revenants. Changing the pace with hard rock and post-punk this trio formed in Stoke-on-Trent, Ft. Jim D- The Leader on guitar and Vocals, DG Booth-The Wizard, Bass and Vocal and Duncan S- The Watchdog on drums. This trio really did bring their A game. With tenacious energy and fantastic sound. Jim D really knows how to play the audience and shows off his vibrant charisma and powerful vocals. Giving us a mix of Motörhead and AC/DC, The Revenants are certainly a band I'll be watching again.

I think their track ‘Crazy’ was one of my favourites. He even got off stage at one point to dance with a fan. Love that.

Following that DAM.G hit the stage. Formed in 2020 (Or possibly 2021..ask Tom haha) DAM.G are a 5 piece rock band from the Uk and America. With LXS on vocals, Tom giving killer screams and vocals, Dom and Gil (AKA Dickie from Inhuman Remains) on guitar and Hosker on Bass. Dam.G are a real stand out band. Their singer LXS travels all the way from Florida to give us her gripping and powerful vocals, which is impressive in itself.

I was lucky enough to catch them the night before at Percy's-Whitchurch. Both nights were phenomenal. Runcorn was sadly the final gig from their epic Isekai tour, and they really gave it 110%. I literally had goosebumps at one point as LXS has a true skill with her voice and those hold on power notes really hit. They have influences from Evanescence and a heavy Anime/Japanese rock style of LiSA and My First Story. However that aside, I really think LXS stands out in her own right and will go far in this industry. Their set on Saturday was high energy from start to end, even when faced with Mic issues on both nights they powered through and didn't falter once.

To top the night, our headlining band OGUN finished the night with a cracking set.

Bringing us Metal core, Thrash Metal and talent to boot with dual harmonies, lyrics with a storyline and some real solid riffs. We had Andrew Evans on guitar and lead vocals, Danny Lightfoot on drums, Neil Mellor on lead guitar and for 2 nights covering their bassist Joe Mortimer, who due to personal reasons couldn't make it, we had Lewis Smith.(Also in Seize the void and Mystiek)

I actually found OGUN on Tiktok of all places and was hooked. I got talking to Andy about how hard it is to find good local live music,so when he said they were playing Alchemy, there was no question I’d be there. It's great to see local Northwest acts bringing metal back to Runcorn, they are right at the start of their journey and I see a great road ahead. With songs about Alien invasion who wouldn't love them? Right up my street.

They brought full energy to the room and gave their all for the crowd they had.

All in all a great night featuring some amazing Punk and Metal bands, giving a cracking mix of styles and genres that really did go well together. The fact that most of the bands knew each other really made it feel like a family reunion and held a great atmosphere. I had a fantastic night and I know my friends enjoyed it too.

We need to bring more like this to Alchemy, let bring back the Metal and revive this town. A big thank you to Gil (DAM.G) for organising the event and a special thanks to Twisted Dreamers and Jade Dawber for sending over some smashing shots of the bands.

Photos: Twisted Dreamers, Jade Dawber

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Jun 06, 2023
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

Please give up writing. I've seen dyslexics write better.

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