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Live Review: WaterLines, Lost In Lavender Town, Clashmute, Archives & Eleven Years Tyranny - Derby

Live Review By Brady Moody

This early-starting gig on a Wednesday meant that due to work commitments and rush-hour traffic, I missed this events opening band Eleven Years Tyranny.

Which means we start this review with the second band of the night, and the first of the four-band tour, Clashmute.

Joining the tour from Manchester, Clashmute offer up metalcore with thrash influences.

Despite having no bassist, the sound wasn’t lacking any of the foundations laid by the humble low enders. Their music didn’t lack energy, however the live performance felt like it did. Vocalist, Ryan Reynolds, had plenty of energy and delivered some powerful vocals.

The rest of the band seemed uncomfortable and like they wasn’t enjoying being on stage. They made a last-minute change to the setlist, choosing to debut their new track called Slander.

As the set went on, the band grew into it more and Slander was the perfect track to help get people excited. The lack of transitions made the flow of the set suffer.

Despite this, their set was enjoyable. The technical and interesting music was more than enough to rescue a tense performance.

From across the Irish Sea, we have Archives. These boys certainly kicked it up a notch! If you could harness the energy from this set, you could power the venue for a year. The catchy riffs, consuming enthusiasm and punchy sound take control of your head and make it start banging.

This high-energy caused the clean vocals to sometimes be a little quiet however the vocals were strong for both lead and backing. Their sound defines metalcore without being too generic and overdone.

Melodic, catchy riffs, brutal vocals and energetic – this was enjoyable from start to finish. There is clear chemistry within this band, and it creates a spectacle that is entertaining to watch.

Reviewing Lost in Lavender Town is one of the most challenging things I’ve done in the music industry.

Not for any negative reason, they simply left me stunned.

Lost for words.

Blown away.


I’ve heard instrumental bands before and I often feel that there is something lacking, not vocals but instead…a voice.

Lost in Lavender Town have carefully composed and masterfully executed a flawless auditory journey. You’ll struggle to find a more talented group of musicians. This performance was the perfect example of how to put energy in a set without having to bounce around. This was genuinely a flawless set.

Headlining the tour is recently rebranded Waterlines (formerly sertraline).

Having played Download last year, my expectations were high for this set. They not only met my expectations but they surpassed them with ease.

Perfectly metalcore without losing originality, their technical riffs, fierce growls with pounding drums make for something truly special.

Tight and powerful rhythm laid the foundation for many well worked leads from the guitar. Ruthless breakdowns caused the night’s first pits. I don’t think there is a single person in the room that wasn’t fully invested and excited by such an astonishing set.

If you have chance to see Waterlines, make sure you take it.

You can catch the rest of the tour below:


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