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Review: INGRAVES - Human Abyss (EP)

Review by Claire Williams

If you'd have said to me 10 years ago that I would be listening to, reviewing and really enjoying Metalcore tracks, I would not have believed it.

However these past few years have brought me to really love and appreciate the talent and drive that goes into this genre, now I cant get enough.

Ingraves are no exception to this with the release of their new EP Human Abyss that had me literally headbanging at my desk.

Formed in Scotland back in 2018 they played their debut gig the following year.

Then COVID hit...

But they didn't let it stop their progression and drive as it did for so many bands during that time.

Instead they threw themselves into writing an EP that was made to “test,challenge and confront you, but ultimately reward you with an exhilarating, life-affirming listening experience.”

And lo it came to pass that Human Abyss was created! (*Insert crack of thunder and lightning for effect*)

Admittedly this is the first time I have listened to Ingraves and they did not disappoint.

From Cascading riffs to Screaming vocals that seem to emanate from the pits of hell, this is a rollercoaster of sound and emotion.

I put my headphones on to truly appreciate and submerge.

So let's get into this and break it down.

Starting out Strong with the first track on the EP:

False Gods.

A great start pulling you in with a slow tone that slams you with the good feel’s.

William slays with killer growls that are clear yet guttural and hit where they should.

About 3 minutes the style changes and the song slows and a melodic backing vocal slides in and lulls you into a chilled state before BAM! You’re crashing back down to a gular vocal, and a powerful outro.

I would have liked to have heard a little more from the backing here, maybe brought it forward a little or had this part last a bit longer, however it did work well.

Stress Depress Repeat is the next song in. This was released earlier this year and already boasts some fantastic reviews.

It is giving stick it to the man vibes with a mix of Punk lyrical styling with the demonic growls of Metalcore and truly depicts the state of today's society.

Wake Up brings you to more of a doom feel (in a good way). With guitar from Bryan and Matt who are in perfect synchronicity alongside Adam deliveriing a solid rhythm on drums and Jamie on bass pulling it all together.

“There is no place for hiding your wounds here, no acceptance of false smiles or swimming in shallow waters.

Self Medicated is a very self explanatory title. The lyrics really get me. I can feel pain in the lyrics here and it hits home somewhat.

Music to me should induce some sort of emotion or feeling,that can take you some place else, I think they succeed here.

It carries strong riffs, smooth transition from heavy to mellow, whilst blending softer vocal tones as well as the grit.

Really well done and a pleasure to listen to.

“Yet there is strength to be found in the depths of this broken mirror if you’re brave enough to look, a companionship in the darkness that never seems to end.

Isolated is the final track on the EP and again hits hard with the lyrics.

How can something as heavy and dark as this be so poetic?

They have succeeded on every level.

I love the start of this track from the effects on the guitar to the vocals kicking in.

What a solid finish to a well put together EP.

Ingraves are able to show a meaning and depth in each song, flowing seamlessly from track to track,whilst at the same time all sounding so completely different.

The band describe their music as, ‘Bleakly intense’ I honestly could not think of a more perfect description. Absolutely Brilliant!!

Lyrically this was deep, musically, immersive.

Guys you are bringing me to the dark side and Metalcore is slowly becoming my new favourite genre. Well done!

I can't wait to see what you bring out next.

Watch 'Stress Depress Repeat' here:

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