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Single Review: Not Alone by Hacktivist

Review by Brady Moody

Hacktivist team with Uprawr Mental Health Foundation to drop raw and vulnerable single ‘Not Alone’

Often, when reading and writing reviews, I see the reviewer try and find an interesting and

clever way of explaining things. Most of the time it makes for a great read too. I can’t do that

with this single. It simply wouldn’t do it justice.

Such an emotional and honest song needs an equally unfiltered review. JJ, I’m also taking the mask off for this review.

This single is simply immense. The brutally honest lyrics lifted a weight from my chest. Almost like they explained my| feelings when I couldn’t find the right words myself. The chorus serves as an effective hook, leaving you subconsciously humming that you’re not alone.

The dynamic duo of J Hurley and JJ Olifent have delivered a lyrical masterpiece, packaged perfectly in a little parcel of grime/djent. I feel like Hacktivist went into the studio with a clear vision, which they have executed to perfection.

Photo by JWA Creations

This track pulls no punches. Effortlessly dancing between a comforting, stripped-down verse

and an uncompromising chorus. It feels easy to focus on the lyrics in the verse, rightly so

because they’re incredible. However, when you listen again, you catch the clever little bassline that takes this to another level. It’s clear that Hacktivist are a band that push not only

themselves but also the boundaries of metal itself.

You can join Hacktivist in supporting Uprawr Mental Health Foundation in their mission to offer 100% free mental health counseling to people aged 18-35 involved in the alt scene.

We’re sure Hacktivist will make it to their target of £500. Please make a donation on the link below:


Jordan 'JJ' Olifent - Vocals

Jermaine 'J' Hurley - Vocals

James Hewitt - Guitar

Josh Gurner - Bass

Richard Hawking - Drums


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