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Single Review: Only The Righteous - Afterall

Review by Brady Moody

Afterall is a powerful and emotive track that showcases Only The Righteous' ability to create a deeply personal and introspective piece of metal.

Drawing influence from bands like Architects and Northlane, you can feel a delicate balance between the euphonic catchiness of metalcore with the aggression and flow of nu-metal.

The song begins with an energetic guitar riff that immediately draws the listener in, setting the tone for the rest of the track. This is then complimented by a driving and focused drumbeat. As the vocals come in, it becomes clear that this is a deeply expressive song. Touching on themes of intolerance, political differences and the divided state of the UK, you’re not only listening to this song…you’re feeling it too!

The chorus is particularly powerful, with the singer's voice soaring over melodic guitars and an anthem-like feel.

The guitar work throughout the song is impressive, with intricate riffs that adds to the emotional weight of the track.

I feel the entire song has been building to the bridge/breakdown – my personal highlight of the entire track. If this track is your first experience of Only The Righteous, it’s guaranteed to make you want to go and see them live.

Afterall is a standout track that goes beyond just being a song, forcing reflection and contemplation upon you. Having talked to the band about what it was they are conveying by releasing this track, it’s safe to say that they have absolutely nailed it.

Incredible work lads!

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