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Single Review: The Payoff - Gutlocker

Juuuuust in time for the festive season, though not a festive track (unless you picture Craig and co smashing this out live, in Santa Hats - which could very well be a possibility), Woking based Groove Metal legends Gutlocker are braced to drop feral new single The Payoff tomorrow - 1st December!

Earlier in 2023, the release of full length album To Be Alive was unveiled and created one heck of a stir amongst the Thrash and Groove lovers of the underground.

Now added onto the Unearthed Music family, Gutlocker have been more present than ever before, storming place to place and creating mischief with some pure face melting performances.

The Payoff comes punching in as a brand new single that has a strikingly clear production accompanying hefty and visceral moods. Vocalist Craig McBrearty displays some of his best vocals with distinctive depths of ominous and angry disposition, combining layers of rasping gutturals and fear inducing snarls.

The feelings he transforms are blended with furious, yet gorgeously melodic, riffs and drum intervals. Pete Tucker delivers punchy groove infused riffs with ripples of melodic chords that give the track that spiraling feel that pulls you further into it's moods. This couples wonderfully with Ben Rollinson's underlining of sinister bass notes that deliver powerful harmony to the strings of the track.

Newest sticksman Devon White-Aldworth springs in his own techniques on the kit with a sharp and feral energy that seeps into the singature Gutlocker groove styles that we all know. He encapsulates the ferocity of The Payoff and packages everyone together to deliver a box of utterly savage bestowal... Though, look out for the wonderfully melodic, almost Faith No More -esque moment about halfway through the track which surges the moods between anger and catharsis.

A track about what it's like to try to do the right thing but getting your good deeds being slung back in your face... highly relateable content for us all. The Payoff is a headbanger of furious emotion and see's Gutlocker raise the bar on their ever energetic and immersive standpoint.

Gutlocker are:

Craig McBrearty - Vocals

Ben Rollinson - Bass

Pete Tucker - Guitar

Devon White- Aldworth - Drums

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